Splendid, mythical, the takeoff from Varan is a breathtaking view of the Arve valley, Mont Blanc, takeoff in the morning or in the evening we never get tired of it!

Orientation: from southwest to southeast.

Altitude: several take-off locations from 1,640 m.

Elevation: from 1,080 m to 1,360 m max.

Access: hamlet of Bay on the road from Passy to Plateau d'Assy, with 2 car parks in Coudray, then 1 hour on foot by path, or ride in a 4X4.

Layout: wind sock and FFVL information panel on official decoration of Pobu, Alt. 1,640 m.


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In general on the Fiz chain:

Flight conditions: calm in the morning, strong thermals in the afternoon.

Dangers / difficulties: cliff at the end of takeoff.

Level: beginner supervised to cross.

Landings: Passy-Chedde and Passy-Marlioz. Possible variant the plain of Passy lake, on the left on the road to Domancy, at the intersection of the horse farm road.

GPS coordinates: N 45 ° 54 ’59” E 6 ° 39 ’52”, alt. 560 m.

Usable by everyone in the morning, risk of strong valley wind in the afternoon.

Specific regulations: 4x4 ride, make sure to respect walkers.

Possible variant: Frioland, hike flight with takeoff at 1,700 m.


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